unfolding case studies, situated peer coaching, simulation evaluation, situated learning, peer feedback


Using unfolding case studies and situated peer coaching for the Fundamentals Skills Laboratory provides students with individualized feedback and creates a realistic clinical learning experience. A quasi-experimental design with pre- and post-intervention data was used to evaluate changes in student ratings of the course. An instrument was used to examine students' self-ratings and student comments about each lab. We found that students' ratings of the lab remained high with the new method and self-evaluations of their performance were higher as the semester progressed. Students appreciated the personalized feedback associated with peer coaching and demonstrated strong motivation and self-regulation in learning. By participating in unfolding case studies with situated peer coaching, students focus on safety issues, practice collaborative communication, and critical thinking in addition to performing pscyhomotor skills.

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Himes, D. O. & Ravert, P. K. (2012). Situated peer coaching and unfolding cases in the fundamentals skills lab. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 9(1), 1-19.

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