Organisational learning in hospitals: A concept analysis


concept analysis, leadership, nurse managers, organisational learning, quality of health care


Aim: To provide a clear definition and description of organisational learning in hospitals.

Background: Organisational learning is a promising strategy nurse managers, and leaders can use to improve organisational performance. A clear definition and description of organisational learning is necessary to advance theory, research and practice in this field.

Methods: Walker & Avant's method was used to conduct a concept analysis of organisational learning in hospitals. Data sources included 147 empirical studies, 16 review articles, three dictionary entries and three book chapters.

Results: Organisational learning occurs when experiences are translated into positive changes in the organisation's collective knowledge, cognition and actions. Organisational context plays a key role in the learning process. Other manifestations of the concept are identified.

Conclusions: This concept analysis provides a clear definition of organisational learning and a description of its defining attributes, antecedents, empirical referents and consequences.

Implications of Nursing Management: Nurse managers and leaders can improve patient and organisational outcomes by creating an environment conducive to translating experiences into organisational learning. Further research is needed to continue advancing the science of organisational learning in hospitals.

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Lyman, B., *Hammond, E. L., & *Cox, J. R. (2018). Organizational learning in hospitals: A concept analysis. Journal of Nursing Management, 27(3), 633-646.

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Journal of Nursing Management





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