Together Forever: Eternal Perspective and Sacred Practices in American Latter-day Saint Families


family, Latter-day Saint families, LDS families, Mormon families, qualitative research, religion, religiosity, religious beliefs, religious practices


Qualitative data analysis of in-depth interviews with 28 Latter-day Saint families (N = 67 individuals) revealed several recurring themes and concepts. Sharing an “eternal perspective” (i.e., shared belief in eternal marriage, eternal progression, eternal life, and eternal family) emerged as the overarching theme. In connection with the life strengths domain, participants commented on the hope, belonging, purpose, and growth experienced from living their faith. In connection with the marital strengthsand parenting strengths domains, participants commented on a variety of sacred practices (e.g., prayer, scripture study, and church attendance) and relational strengths (e.g., forgiveness, humility, and patience) that reportedly helped their family relationships. Overall, the intersection of belief, practice, and strength played an important role in these families, with specific shared beliefs in an “eternal perspective” most salient.

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*Leonhardt, N. D., *Kirchner, E. R., Phillips, T. M., *Skipper, A. D., Dollahite, D. C., & Marks, L. D. (2108). Together forever: Eternal perspective and sacred practices in American Latter-day Saint families. Marriage and Family Review, 54, 719-732.

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