marriage, relationship self-regulation, religion, relationship maintenance, case study


The twofold purpose of this article is to (a) introduce text-map analysis and demonstrate its utility and (b) to examine systemic processes between relationship self-regulation and religion. In the first part, we propose a novel approach to qualitative data analysis termed mapping and analysis of processes and sequences. We then present procedural steps and diagrammatic conventions to chart sequences and connections between concepts and events sing flowchart diagrams we call text-maps. In the second part, using text-map analysis with a case study, we examine relationship self-regulation and religion in a Latter-day Saint couple. We draw upon three episodes from the couple's marriage that were marked by relationship maintenance through self-regulation. We discuss the role of religion in relationship self-regulation and implications for research and practice. We also discuss the nature and limitations of the findings of the study and directions for future research.

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Chelladurai, J. M., Dollahite, D. C., & Marks, L. D. (2020). Text-map analysis: An introduction to the method and an examination of relationship self-regulation and religion. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 9, 45–58.

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Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice




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