Marital and Family Orientations among Highly Religious Young Adults: Comparing Latter-Day Saints with Traditional Christians


Christianity, Latter-day Saints, Catholics, Protestants, marriage, family


This study compared highly religious Latter-day Saints (Mormons) with highly religious traditional Christians (Catholics and Protestants), and individuals who claim no religious affiliation, on their attitudes about and behaviors in marriage and family relationships. Participants were selected by level of religiosity, as well as denominational membership. Differences are reported by affiliation and gender. Results showed that highly religious Latter-day Saints and traditional Christians have numerous similarities in their attitudes and behaviors regarding family issues. However, some significant differences between highly religious Latter-day Saints and their traditional Christian counterparts were found. This was particularly true in comparisons of values and attitudes, and less so in current relationship characteristics and behaviors. Furthermore, the highly religious groups' attitudes and behaviors differed significantly from non-affiliated individuals.

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Carroll, J. S., Linford, S.T., Holman, T. B., & Busby, D. M. (2000). Marital and Family Orientations Among Highly Religious Young Adults: Comparing Latter-day Saints with Traditional Christians. Review of Religious Research, 42, 193-205.

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