environmental engineering, finite elements, groundwater modeling, mesh generation


A comprehensive graphical modeling environment has been developed to address the needs of the computer simulation of groundwater flow and transport. The Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling Systems (GMS), developed at the Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory at Brigham Young University, is part of a multi-year project funded through the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. GMS is a graphically based software tool providing facility through all aspects of the groundwater flow and transport modeling process. Facilities include geometric modeling of hydrostratigraphy, two- and three-dimensional mesh generation, graphically based model input for specific flow and transport codes, interpolation and geostatistics as well as complete three-dimensional scientific visualization.

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Owen, Steven J., Norman L. Jones, and Jeffrey P. Holland, "A comprehensive modeling environment for the simulation of groundwater flow and transport,"Engineering With Computers, Dec., 1996, pp. 235-242.

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