The Book of Mormon: A Very Short Introduction – Terryl L. Givens (Book Review)


The Book of Mormon, LDS, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


About a decade ago Oxford University Press embarked in a groundbreaking project which is yet to be completed. With the Very Short Introduction Series the renowned publisher set out to offer its readers a large reference library which would eventually “encompass every major academic discipline” of general interest. Its numerous yet thin volumes claim to offer a “concise and original introduction to a wide range of subjects… [providing] trenchant and provocative – yet always balanced and complete – discussions of the central issues in a given discipline.”[1] Within the wide spectrum of subjects addressed by the series it is only to be expected that the Book of Mormon would find its place, having been described as “perhaps the most religiously influential, hotly contested, and, at least in the secular press, intellectually under investigated book in America.”[2] It is then only fitting that the very author of this statement would be asked to complete a very short introduction of this remarkable book of Scripture which has been both highly revered and utterly rejected for almost two centuries.

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Mauro Properzi, Review of “The Book of Mormon: A Very Short Introduction,” by Terryl Givens, International Journal of Mormon Studies 4 (2011), 148-153.

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