Mormons and Muslims building bridges of understanding


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The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religions Scholarship seeks to build bridges of understanding among people of all faiths. That is part of our declared mission. One of the most important ways we have been fulfilling that mandate since the Institute’s founding is through the Middle Eastern Texts Initiative (METI). I have had the honor of being a part of this project since its very first publications nearly twenty years ago and now I serve as its director. One of the great pleasures of my work with METI is the periodic invitations I receive to meet with Muslim visitors to BYU from around the world. We meet and have a meal together. We talk about our families, the work we are doing, and the challenges that we are each facing in our own particular circumstances. Over the years I have attended dozens of these events and met hundreds of wonderful people: Muslims from China, Indonesia, Jordan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Ethiopia, Turkey, and other places beside. Today perhaps seemed no different.

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