Rebirth in Christ: A Latter-day Saint Perspective


Rebirth in Christ, Latter-Day Saints, LDS Perspective


The theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is rich in both explicit language and vivid imagery that teach how salvation comes only in and through the Holy Messiah—Jesus of Nazareth. Only the merits, mercy, and power of Jesus Christ can rescue, ransom, and redeem any and all human beings from their fallen state and degenerative condition. Every man and woman who ever has or ever will live on this earth is totally and completely dependent upon Jesus Christ for salvation. Only a couple of verses, out of many, from the Book of Mormon (a book of scripture regarded by Latter-day Saints as a second witness for Jesus Christ, and one that has rebirth as a significant theme) are needed to drive home the point.

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“Rebirth in Christ: A Latter-day Saint Perspective,” in Salvation in Christ: Comparative Christian Views. Edited by Roger Keller and Robert L. Millet (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center), pp. 7-27.

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