A Reading of the Sermon on the Mount: A Restoration Perspective


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Human expression cannot fully capture the meaning and significance of the Sermon on the Mount. One of the greatest and most profound of all of our Lord's discourses, the Sermon on the Mount was and is many things, reflecting truth as a multifaceted diamond reflects light. The Sermon signaled the inauguration of a new dispensation of the gospel. It provides a window into the Savior's personality and character. It summarizes the essence of Christ-like behavior. It describes the characteristics and makeup of those who will inhabit the celestial kingdom. It compares the old law with the new. It teaches all people how to live and how to pray, yet it was addressed to a specific group of individuals and constitutes one of the most significant training sessions ever presented to teach the newly called disciples how to fulfill their stewardships. It continues to testify of Jesus’ divinity, godly wisdom, and unsurpassed teaching skills. Truly, it is a discourse given by God Himself.

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“A Reading of the Sermon on the Mount: A Restoration Perspective” in The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ: From Bethlehem through the Sermon on the Mount. Edited by Richard Holzapfel and Thomas Wayment (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company), pp. 330-354.

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