The Innovation Boot Camp


Design thinking, boot camp, innovation, collaboration, strategic thinking


Faculty in the School of Technology at BYU believe that for students to excel in 21st century economies, cross-disciplinary interaction and innovation methods need to be experienced in each of the schools six disciplines: Industrial Design, Manufacturing Technology, Information Technology, Construction Management, Facility Management and Technology and Engineering Education. This research paper demonstrates how this goal was accomplished through the development and implementation of a two day Innovation Boot Camp. Each student in the School of Technology is requested to attend this Boot Camp which: • introduces and practices principles of Design Thinking • practices problem definition (strategic thinking), rather than problem solving (implementation) • provides inviting and engaging experiences and projects to reduce anxiety in this new, cross disciplined environment The innovation boot camp is an intensive two day, hands on, experiential learning experience where students exercise multiple design thinking concepts and define problems and design solutions for two projects. This paper and presentation will describe the purpose, curriculum, activities and outcomes developed and implemented for the innovation boot camp. The presentation will include a documentary video of the first boot camp which outlines the desired outcomes and activities of the boot camp. Finally, the paper includes an assessment on how the boot camp has affected the school and students a year after its implementation.

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Howell, B., Skaggs, P., & Fry, R. (2010). The Innovation Boot Camp. Conference proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: When Design Education and Design Research Meet (E&PDE10), Trondheim, Norway. September.

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