Pricing irrigation water in Iran


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Iran has nationalized water and is faced with the problems of pricing it. A proposal for pricing irrigation water is presented in which water is managed by nonprofit water authorities. An irrigation project is divided into zones, and a single price is proposed for each zone. Operation and maintenance costs are set as a lower limit on price, and a certain fraction of ability to pay is set as an upper limit. Zones are ranked by assigned reimbursable costs, and a system is proposed that would produce water revenues in aggregate equal to total project reimbursable costs. For those zones where water is priced above reimbursable cost the price is set at that level where the price minus reimbursable costs, as a percentage of the difference between the upper limit and reimbursable cost, is the same for all zones. For those zones where the price is below reimbursable cost, the recommended price is at the upper limit.

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Pricing Irrigation Water in Iran (with Yousef Madhi, Syamak Partovi, Hendizadeh Morteza, and Saghatoleslani Mehdi), Water Resources Research, Vol. 10, No. 6, December, 1974, pp. 1080-1084.

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