An Examination of the Influences of a Teacher Preparation Program on Beginning Teachers’ Reading Instruction


teacher education, elementary, teacher perceptions, beginning reading teacher instruction


In this study, we tracked elementary preservice teachers’ (N = 41) perceived ability to teach reading as they moved through their teacher preparation program. After graduation, we conducted follow-up teaching observations and interviews with five of these novice teachers to explore their perceptions about their ability to teach reading. An analysis of these data revealed four distinct themes: (1) alignment of reading instruction practices with preparation program, (2) the influence of teacher education, (3) the need for more training on meeting the needs of individual students, and (4) the possibility of connecting with teacher educators once graduates obtain full-time employment. Suggestions are made to help teachers feel more competent and capable in teaching children to read and as they make the transition from preservice to full-time teaching.

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Clark, S. K., & Read, S. (2012). An examination of pre-service partnerships during a reading methods course: Do they strengthen perceptions of ability? Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 33(3), 239-250.

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