Examining Sixth Grade Students’ Reading Attitudes and Perceptions of Teacher Read Aloud: Are All Students on the Same Page?


adolescent literacy, teacher read aloud


The purpose of this embedded mixed methods study was to examine how sixth graders with high and low reading attitudes perceive teacher read aloud. We utilized quantitative data by surveying sixth graders (N = 87) about their reading attitudes and then collected qualitative data by interviewing five students, interviewing the teacher, conducting classroom observations, and reviewing read aloud materials. Students with lower reading attitudes enjoyed the relaxed classroom setting, while those with higher attitudes enjoyed the books being read. Other themes suggested that all students engaged inconsistently with the text, and that students are indeed aware of the potential instructional benefits of reading aloud. Implications are discussed including the importance of pairing teacher read aloud with other strategies to help students engage more explicitly with the text.

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Clark, S.K., & *Andreasen, L. (2014). Examining sixth grade reading attitudes and perceptions of teacher read aloud: Are all students on the same page? Literacy Research and Instruction, 53(2), 162-182

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Literacy Research and Instruction




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Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation

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