TRR’s Warrior Camp: An Intensive Treatment Program for Combat Trauma in Active Military and Veterans of All Eras


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Effective treatments for combat trauma in military service members exist, but barriers to care abound, including poor access, stigma, and dropout. Although the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be severe, recovery is possible when proper treatment is implemented. Trauma and Resiliency Resources, Inc.’s Warrior Camp (WC) program is designed to address the effects of combat trauma in military service members and veterans. This intensive, 7-d treatment incorporates eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, yoga, and narrative writing in context of community. This single-group pretest–posttest design included paired t-tests and effect size analyses for 85 participants of WC. Outcome measures included the Mississippi Scale for Combat-related PTSD, the Patient Health Questionnaire, the Revised Adult Attachment Scales, and the Moral Injury Events Scale. Clinician-administered measures included the Davidson Trauma Scale and the Dissociative Experiences Scale. All measures showed statistically significant reductions in distress. The effect sizes ranged from small to large. Results suggest that WC participants experienced significant improvement in PTSD, depression, moral injury, dissociation and adult attachment. Clinicians should consider the potential benefits of this short-term, intensive treatment when addressing combat-related PTSD among military service members and veterans.

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Steele, E. Wood, D.S., Usadi, E., & Applegarth, D.M. (2018). TRR’s Warrior Camp: An intensive treatment program for combat trauma in active military and veterans of all eras. Military Medicine, 183, 403-407.

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