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In 2003, Dialogue ran adjacent essays by two scientists, David Tolman and David Allred. The two Davids had been students together at Princeton, attending the same student ward. Decades after Princeton, Tolman had left Mormonism and Allred had stayed. Their essays are a fascinating juxtaposition. In the course of his piece, David Allred ventured for a few paragraphs into a discussion of the planet Jupiter and its role as a governor and protector in our solar system—a type of Kolob. Although the other author dismissed the topic as “fanciful physics,” my own interest was piqued. I asked Dr. Allred, who is now a professor of physics and astronomy at BYU, how he’d feel about fleshing out those paragraphs into a full column. He accepted the invitation and produced the following essay. It’s a fascinating piece that demonstrates how the gospel can illuminate the heavens and the heavens can illuminate back.

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David D. Allred, "Bounds And Conditions, A Kolob In Our Solar System?" Sunstone, March 27, pp. 58-61.

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