An Addendum to the 1997 Outcome Research Chart


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In 1997, an article in the American Journal of Family Therapy was published that summarized the outcome research regarding the efficacy of specific approaches of Marriage and Family Therapy in treating certain disorders (Sandberg et al ., 1997). The article updated the original matrix of findings reported by Gurman, Kniskern, and Pinsof (1986) by reviewing the relevant research through 1995, and provided a summary of findings in an updated version of the original 1986 chart. Since the publication of that article (Sandberg et al ., 1997), feedback has been received from a number of MFT researchers who pointed out some omissions and oversights in the updated chart. After responding to their feedback, it has been concluded that a number of changes must be made to the 1997 summary chart to present a more complete summary of MFT outcome research up through 1995.

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Miller, R. M., Johnson, L. J., Sandberg, J. G, Stringer-Seibold, T, & Gfeller-Strouts, L. (2000). An addendum to the 1997 outcome research chart. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 28, 347-354.

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