The Many Roles We Play: Perceptions of the Role of Psychology Lecturers According to Staff and Students


Psychology, Teacher Role, College Faculty, Teacher Attitudes, Student Attitudes, College Students, Student Evaluation, Planning, Information Dissemination, Role Models, Educational Resources, Teacher Researchers, Foreign Countries, Questionnaires, Curriculum Development


Lecturers in psychology have many different roles that they must play. It is often very difficult to know what roles are the most important and which to focus on. This study assessed the perceived importance of seven different roles lecturers undertake according to psychology lecturers and students. Results indicated that assessor, course planner, and information provider were all rated as very important, while resource developer and researcher were rated as much less important. Staff and students generally agreed on their ratings of importance, however, students rated information provider, researcher, and resource developer as more important than staff did. These findings have implications for the way departments are structured and training opportunities for staff. They also have relevance to how staff can more effectively spend their time, and which roles they may wish to focus their time on. "Teaching is the educational equivalent of white-water rafting". (Brookfield, 1990) (Contains 2 tables.)

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Coyne, S. M. (2007). The many roles we play: Perceptions of the role of psychology lecturers according to staff and students. Psychology Teaching Review, 13, 14-22.

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