Work and Family in the Virtual Office: Perceived Influences of Mobile Telework


Family relations, Child care, Virtual office, Family members, Telecommuting, Home based employment, Family life education, Preschool children, Home offices


Telework is a rapidly emerging reality in the workplace. This study explores the influence of mobile telework on family life as reported by teleworkers in a large national corporation (n = 157). In addition, this group is compared to an equivalent group of office workers (n = 89) from the same corporation. Mobile teleworkers reported much greater work flexibility. Some reported that their families thrived because of this flexibility. Others reported that their families struggled because workplace and schedule flexibility blurred the boundaries between work and family life. Suggestions are given for how family life educators might help mobile teleworkers ease the transition from traditional work to the virtual office.

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Hill, E. J., Hawkins, A. J., & Miller, B. C. (1996). Work and family in the virtual office: Perceived influences of mobile telework. Family Relations 45(3), 293-301. doi: 10.2307/585501

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