Beyond the Mommy Track: The Influence of New-Concept Part-Time Work for Professional Women on Work and Family


job flexibility, part-time work, professional women, work-family, work/life


This study investigates how the option for new-concept part-time work influences the ability of mothers of preschool children working in professional occupations to successfully integrate work and family responsibilities while maintaining career opportunities. Data are from a subset of the 1996 IBM Work and Life Issues Survey in the United States (n = 687). Compared to their counterparts who worked full time, mothers who worked in these part-time positions reported significantly greater work-family balance and did not report significantly less career opportunity. The part-time group reported 47% fewer work hours and 41% lower income than the full-time group. These data support the notion that new-concept part-time work is a viable option to assist women in professional careers to successfully integrate their family career. Implications of these findings are presented.

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Hill, E. J., Martinson, V., Ferris, M., & Baker, R.Z. (2004). Beyond the mommy track: The influence of new-concept part-time work for professional women on work and family. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 25, 121-136 (Research Note). doi: 10.1023/B:JEEI.0000016726.06264.91

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Journal of Family and Economic Issues




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