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As a reaction to the growing number of teachers using games in their curricula and the corresponding increase in university courses aimed at teaching the design of effective instructional games, we introduced a panel at the recent Games, Learning and Society presentation in Madison, Wisconsin, in June 2006. This panel brought together a community of interested parties involved with teaching educational game design. We collaborated with attendees before the panel convened so that we could introduce resources such as syllabi, collections of readings, and discussions of theory in a wiki environment to which participants could contribute during the session. After the presentation session, participants contributed a number of resources to the wiki, making it a useful resource for a specific community of users. We discuss in this article the rich contents of the wiki and its use since the panel session. We also provide some discussion of how this resource can be leveraged by online self-organizing social systems, which could enrich the wiki by referencing, reusing, and even remixing its contents.

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Henson, S., Shelton, B., & Wiley, D. (27). Collecting, organizing, and managing resources for teaching educational games the wiki way. Innovate Journal of Online Education, 4(2).

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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