master/slave robot, telerobotic system, master/slave manipulator


The Center for Engineering Design (CED) at the University of Utah has developed a force reflective, teleoperated multiple degree of freedom hand and high mobility wrist. This hand/wrist teleoperation system is targeted to perform dexterous manipulation and assembly tasks in an effort to approach the capabilities of a human. A first-stage prototype of this hand/wrist master/slave system, which is scheduled for laboratory demonstration in February of 1989, has nine actuated degrees of freedom in both the hand master and hand slave. This paper discusses elements of the design of this hand/wrist master and slave with particular emphasis on servo system and actuator development. The progress and status of the development of the master/slave system is summarized. Issues relating to the design of the teleoperation system that were confronted during the initial stages of the design are addressed. Development of the piston actuators and servovalves is discussed in detail. A companion paper discusses aspects related to the mechanical design of the master and slave.

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Jacobsen, S., Iversen, E., Davis, C., Potter, D., and McLain, T. Design of a Multiple-Degree-of-Freedom, Force-Reflective Hand Master/Slave with a High-Mobility Wrist, Proceedings of the ANS Robotics and Remote Systems Conference, March 1989, Charleston, South Carolina.

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