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The time in college is a time to prepare to go out into the world and be a contributing member of society. Typically, a college education should take four years to complete. Many colleges are eliminating the physical activity requirement for graduation, hoping that it will aid the student in graduating in a timely manner. Yet, students still take physical activity classes while working towards graduation. For this study, 420 college students (235 males & 185 females) participated in this study. Students in physical activity classes at a private university of the western United States completed a survey in regards to why they take physical activity classes even when it is not required for graduation. The surveys asked the students to respond and explain why they are taking physical activity classes. Generally, it was found that students take physical activity classes to have fun along with other reasons.

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Barney, D., & Higginson, K. (2017). Student voices for why college students’ take physical activity classes when it is not required for graduation. Asian Journal of Physical Education and Recreation, 23, (1), 6-14.

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