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For many years students have been exposed to inappropriate instructional practices in physical education, resulting in bad experiences and inadequate learning. Introducing pre service physical education (PE) majors to Appropriate Instructional Practices (AIP) is a recommended method of preparation. Unfortunately, many PE majors have been exposed to inappropriate instructional practice; thus they perceive those practices as appropriate to use in their teaching. To determine PE majors' understanding of AIP, 313 PE majors (161 males & 152 females) from 7 different institutions participated in this study. Based on incorrect responses it was found that PE majors believed that organizing students in large groups for activities was an appropriate instructional practice. In addition, results demonstrated that PE majors thought students should be graded for wearing prescribed clothing in class and be required to sit out if not dressed appropriately. With these results PETE faculties have a great opportunity and have a better understanding of preparing their PE majors in appropriate instructional practices.

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Barney, D., Christenson, R., & Pleban, F. (2015). Physical education major's knowledge of appropriate instructional practices in middle school physical education. Asian Journal of Physical Education & Recreation, 21, 33-39.

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