teacher/student interactions, physical education, middle school students, game play


Teacher/student interactions are a daily occurrence during a class period. What the teachers say, and how they say it, can affect student learning (Ring, 2002). The purpose of this study was to investigate the types of interactions student teachers had with the students during their middle school physical education game play. The subjects were two male senior physical education majors who were concluding their course work with their student teaching experience. For this study students wore a wireless microphone in order for the researcher to hear the types of interactions they had with their students during class time. It was found that these student teachers generally had positive and general interactions with students. Many of the interactions that were given usually included the word "good" or "nice" in it. It is recommended that student teachers are more specific in their interactions with students during class work.

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Barney, D., & Liguori, G. (2008). Student teachers ' interactions with students during middle school physical education game play. Journal of Physical Education & Recreation (Hong Kong), 14, (2), 20-25.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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