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One of the most fundamental issues in teaching, arguably the biggest, is discovering the most effective lesson elements for each group of learners. This includes a solid curriculum, performance objectives, age-appropriate pedagogical ingredients, ability-level activities and assessments focused on measuring learning to create a great lesson. When these elements are blended artistically with a variety of classroom management skills, necessary equipment, instructional support resources, behavior management rules and high expectations in a nurturing environment, the teacher has created the best possible learning atmosphere for each individual student.

Below, the authors have identified twelve important instructional elements for teachers to incorporate into the development, presentation and evaluation of their lessons. Teachers, new as well as experienced, should consider the impact of each of these instructional elements in order to present the best learning experience for their students and strengthen their physical education program.

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Christenson, R., & Barney, D. (2010). Our top 12 “Key Instructional Elements” that help to build an excellent lesson and high quality physical education program. OAHPERD Journal, XLVI, (3), 22-26.

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