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This analysis of teaching is comprised of a series of articles that are intended to introduce the reader or provide for a refocusing for those familiar to Mosston's eleven styles along the spectrum of teaching styles. Mosston developed them as a result of his work at Pennsylvania's Temple University and East Stroudsburg University and then at Rutgers University and the Center on Teaching. Since the first publication of Teaching Physical Education, which introduced The Spectrum of Teaching Styles, Mosston demonstrated his love for the teaching-learning process in physical education by challenging other professionals to expand their instructional repertoires in an effort to meet goals, subject matter concepts, and student needs. In conjunction with coauthor, Sara Ashworth, they expanded what was first introduced as a seven station discussion on teaching styles to where it is now a full eleven station spectrum, with unlimited potential providing recognition for the many variations each teacher could build into the teaching-learning process.

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Christenson, R., & Barney, D. (2009). The teaching-learning process: A set of instructional strategies and tactics through analysis of mosston’s spectrum of teaching styles. OAHPERD Journal, XLIV, (3), 31-37.

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