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An elementary classroom teacher (ECT) has a busy day. The teachers teach their class, prepare class materials, and may supervise the lunchroom or the playground at recess time (Daily Physical Activity in School, 2005), attend meetings with parents and perform a number of other responsibilities. For this reason planning time is a very important component for the ECT. Planning time for the ECT is usually taken when students are in elementary physical education. This study investigated how elementary physical education can assist the ECT in their planning time. In this study 219 ECT from three states and 18 different schools participated in this study. The ECT was given a short survey to fill out regarding how, or if, planning time helps or benefits the ECT. The results found that the ECT appreciated the planning time that it was needed in order for them to be successful in the classroom and because of planning time the students would benefit. The results also showed a great respect from the ECT for elementary physical education, which can be beneficial for principals and other school administrators.

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Barney, D., & Deutsch, J. (2012). Attitudes and perceptions of elementary classroom teachers use of physical education time for planning. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 4 (2), 367-376.

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