data inventory, data audit strategic planning, library operations


This article describes the need for and the processes used to create an inventory of data collected by an academic library. The study uses a survey augmented by multiple interviews to create and populate an inventory of data. The study was able to identify and sort sources of data generated by library personel based on type of data (demographic, location, log, qualitative, and quantitative) and library division. It indicated the frequency of data collection and use, as well as where the data was stored. Finally, the inventory also identified types of data that are not currently collected but that librarians would like to collect. The article indicates how the data inventory may be used to support planning and improve library operations.

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Zaugg, H., McKeen, Q., Hill, B., & Black, B. (2017). Conducting and using an academic library inventory, Technical Services Quarterly, 34(1), 1-12.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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Technical Services Quarterly




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