Charles the Bold, Switzerland history, Burgundy history, Battle of Murten, Battle of Morat, Swiss infantry, Battle of Grandson, Adrian von Bubenberg, Infantry tactics, Burgundian Wars


When Charles the Bold of Burgundy tried to create a new kingdom between France and the German Empire, he decided to conquer the Swiss states. His aggression started the Burgundian Wars from 1474 to 1477. Charles besieged the fortress of Grandson early in 1476. When the Swiss garrison surrendered, Charles had all four hundred of the defenders hanged. In the Battle of Grandson, the Swiss drove the Burgundian Army away, but Charles soon invaded again. This time he besieged the fortress of Murten, and the Swiss rallied all their forces to attack him. In the subsequent battle, the Swiss infantry destroyed Charles' army in one of the most significant victories in history because it saved Switzerland and changed military tactics in Europe.

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Winkler, A. (2010). The Battle of Murten: The Invasion of Charles the Bold and the Survival of the Swiss States. Swiss American Historical Society Review, 46(1), 8-34.

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