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Background: To address the shortage of PhD-prepared nursing faculty, universities in the United States of America offer direct entry BSN-to-PhD nursing programs. Little research has been done to explore students’ perceptions of these programs and formally evaluate the successes and opportunities for growth of this academic track. Methods: Focusing on the perceptions and experiential reflection of BSN-to-PhD education, a survey with open-ended questions was distributed among voluntary participants who are current BSN-to-PhD students or recent graduates (years) from various universities in the country. Textual data were analyzed using a qualitative descriptive approach with thematic analysis. Results: This article elaborates on opportunities, challenges, and suggestions related to this educational route as recognized by 21 participants from seven universities. Conclusion: The findings of the study may facilitate discussion among nurse educators to revise programs to be congruent with the needs of current students while paving the way for future scholars.

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Peterson, N. E., Moss, K. O., Milbrath, G. R., von Gaudecker, J.,R., Park, E., & Chung, M. (2015). Qualitative analysis of student perceptions of bachelor of science-to-doctor of philosophy in nursing programs. Journal of Nursing Education, 54(10), 542-549. doi:10.3928/01484834-20150916-01

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