flipped classroom, library instruction, information literacy, online tutorials, active learning, instruction assessment


Librarians at Brigham Young University conducted an assessment to evaluate student performance in developing effective search strategies between flipped classroom and traditional library instruction models. In the flipped classroom model, students completed an interactive online tutorial prior to attending a face-to-face instruction session in the library. During the face-to-face session, students collaborated on projects designed to reinforce concepts explained in the online tutorial. In this presentation, participants will learn about the history of the flipped classroom teaching model for library instruction. Next, the presenter will explain the process of developing a flipped library instruction session for undergraduate students in the life sciences, including the accompanying online tutorial. The presenter will also discuss the results from this assessment, including student feedback from course evaluations and focus groups. The session will concluded with recommendations for implementing a flipped classroom for library instruction with an associated assessment program.

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Goates, M. C. (2015, May). The flipped classroom for library instruction: A student focused assessment. Presented at the LOEX Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

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