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Three definitional passages in the Book of Mormon define the gospel or doctrine of Christ precisely as the way or means by which an individual can come to Christ and be saved. Jesus Christ is quoted in all three passages teaching a six-part formula: All men and women who will (1) believe or trust in him, (2) repent of all their sins, and (3) witness to the Father that they have so repented and taken his name upon them, will (4) receive a remission of sins by fire and by the Holy Ghost, which will guide and sustain them as they (5) endure to the end, thus qualifying (6) for eternal life. This formula is almost always stated partially or meristically in any one place and can be readily completed by accumulating the repeated elements of these partial statements.

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"The Gospel of Jesus Christ as Taught by the Nephite Prophets," BYU Studies, 31 (No. 3, Summer 1991): 31–50.

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