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Occasional poetry and parodies written by Richard Hacken from the 1980s to 2016 in honor of libraries and librarians:

In chronological order from the Harold B. Lee Library: John Taylor; Janet O. Francis; Gerald K. Dick; Sterling Albrecht; Roy Daniel; Keith Stirling; Don Howard; Haybron Adams; Christina Almond; Marvin Wiggins; Gary Gillum; Susan Fales; Randy Olsen; Richard Jensen; Karen Griggs; Deb Hatch; Julene Butler; Mark Grover; Tom Wright; Marianne Siegmund

Occasions: retirements, HBLL Christmas parties, introductions, farewells, BYU Library School reunion

From Northwestern University: Jeff Garrett. From Harvard University: Charles Fineman. From University of Wisconsin: Barbara Walden. From University of Pennsylvania: Stephen Lehmann. From Paris Review: X. J. Kennedy. From Yale University: Jeffry Larson. From Rutgers University: Tom Izbicki.

Poets parodied: Clement Clark Moore; Gilbert and Sullivan; Robert W. Service; Vachel Lindsay; Samuel Coleridge, Robert Frost and parodied lyrics sung to various songs.

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