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In an earlier study that identified previously unrecognized writings of the young 15 Thomas Hobbes, questions were raised about the authorship of some of Francis Bacon’s published works. This article reports a follow-up study in which two independent statistical analyses of Bacon’s English works both conclude that, whereas Bacon’s autographic writings show clearly that they are authored by the same person; almost none of his published works can be matched statistically 20 with the autographs. The most likely explanation for this dramatic finding is that Bacon’s well-known reliance on secretaries may have been sufficiently extensive that his writing patterns are obscured or replaced by theirs. This finding suggests a far simpler explanation for a wide array of anomalies in Bacon’s works than others have offered. The study further identifies some of Bacon’s works written 25 during a period when Thomas Hobbes was his secretary, which match Hobbes’s writing pattern.

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“Who Wrote Bacon? Assessing the respective roles of Francis Bacon and his secretaries in the production of his English Works,” Literary and Linguistic Computing 2012, doi: 10.1093/llc/fqs020,

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