Brigham Young Monument (Salt Lake City Utah), Sculpture, Art, Cyrus E. Dallin, Main Street (Salt Lake City Utah), Deedee Corradini, Traffic Flow, City Planning


For more than a century, the Brigham Young Monument in Salt Lake City has been the center of sometimes acrimonious controversy. The idea and organization to create a monument were begun in 1891. The statue of Brigham Young was completed by Cyrus Dallin in 1893. Many delays in raising funds caused the monument not to be finished until 1900. Thereafter it often became the target of those trying to improve traffic conditions in the downtown area. In 1993, the monument was moved just north of the intersection to improve the flow of traffic. On the monuments one hundredth anniversary, "The Monument to Brigham Young and the Pioneers: One Hundred Years of Controversy" reviews the political disagreements and debates that often surrounded the monument.

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J. Michael Hunter, "The Monument to Brigham Young and the Pioneers : One Hundred Years of Controversy," Utah Historical Quarterly 68, no. 4 (Fall 2000): 332-350.

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