Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is a model that can be implemented in school buildings with the support of school district leaders. However, the voices of district leaders involved in MTSS implementation are limited in the research. This study sought to investigate what district leaders perceived as impacting factors towards MTSS implementation and draw conclusions about impacting factors from their opinions. Ten district leaders in a mountain west state of the United States were interviewed via Zoom and had their transcripts analyzed for impacting factors using a form of thematic analysis. All participants were involved with MTSS at their district in some form. This study identified four themes from the data: Personnel Involvement, Pervasive Influences, Foundations and Framework, and Supports Beyond the Site Level. Within each theme, multiple constructs came across which may be beneficial to those looking to implement MTSS or would like to better sustain MTSS implementation in their schools. Findings of this research study can directly impact districts and schools in their planning stages of MTSS implementation that could lead to longer and stronger sustainment of MTSS in their schools. Some examples of ideas drawn from the data include how school systems may want to consider the personnel they currently have access to or could potentially gain access to; they may want to consider emphasizing data and dedicate time to work on MTSS implementation; they may want to consider creating a strong structural foundation so that future implementation will be better sustained, such as structuring practices in a way that they can continue despite changes in personnel; they may want to consider which outside supports they have available to them to assist in supporting implementation.



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Multi-Tiered System of Supports, district leaders, implementation science



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