This paper documents the design and creation of an App Library for HydroShare water resources data and software discovery and sharing system. This App Library was developed to simplify the discovery process for using environmental web applications and to lower hosting requirements for such a repository. To accomplish this goal, I created the HydroShare App Library as a standalone web application using the React JavaScript framework. The App Library application uses the existing HydroShare resource connectors to allow the registration of all web applications within the App Library without having external software requirements. This allows the HydroShare App Library to be a centralized location for web app developers to register their tools and models using their preferred software while allowing water resources managers, engineers, scientists, and decision-makers to find these tools in a single location. The developed HydroShare App Library allows the discovery of all web applications that are included in the HydroShare ecosystem and not just CUAHSI-owned web apps. This is done by using a dynamic table with React that automatically updates the user interface without having to reload entire pages. This approach allows this web app to reduce processing for the App Library by only rendering web app entries that are relevant to the current user. This allows the App Library to grow and continue to be effective as more web applications are registered in HydroShare and are discoverable within the App Library.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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HydroShare, hydroinformatics, web applications, CUAHSI, data services, decision support applications



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