The continual increase of wireless technologies in the world has motivated the use of phased arrays to mitigate radio frequency interference (RFI). There are many methods of performing beamforming for RFI rejection, but they are traditionally physically large and complicated solutions. Phased arrays need to be shrunk and made cheaper for them to see widespread use. This work presents several compact phased array receivers for different applications. The first part of this thesis presents a software GPS processor for a digital beamforming GPS receiver. The receiver is small enough to be flown on drones and enables GPS signals to be processed and a user’s position to be determined. Using digital beamforming, it can operate even under poor conditions such as intentional jamming, RFI, and large multipath effects. Next, this work builds a frontend RF chain for a true time delay phased array receiver. The receiver uses analog true delay delay chips to mitigate radio frequency interference in sensitive instruments. True time delay allows for analog beamforming over a wide bandwidth, but compact true time delay solutions are new and untested. The receiver allows these solutions to be properly vetted in a full system. The chain uses novel compact wideband antennas for L-band frequencies and traditional low cost amplifiers and filters. The last section of this thesis updates the open-source CASPER project to fully support RF system-on-chips. CASPER is an open-source framework for radio astronomy instruments. It speeds up the design and implementation of radio astronomy instruments on compact platforms and makes them easier to interact with. This work expands the framework to use the transmit abilities of advanced RF system-on-chip platforms. With this expansion, full duplex systems such as communications and radar can now also use CASPER. A full loopback beamforming test built on CASPER demonstrates both transmit and receive beamforming.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Electrical and Computer Engineering



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GPS, RF, RF system-on-chip, ultra-wideband antennas, phased arrays, CASPER, true time delay



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