Background: Immunization training is essential for nursing students. However, Brigham Young University's (BYU) Nursing Program lacks data regarding the current curriculum's effect on vaccination knowledge and confidence. Purpose: The purpose of the study is to explore BYU nursing students' knowledge and confidence regarding vaccinations. Methods: Nursing students at BYU in the second and fourth semesters were surveyed using pre-and post-test questionnaires designed to measure student nurses' knowledge of and confidence about immunizations. To help evaluate current curricula established immunization content was taught during both the public health course and pediatric course via direct instruction, assigned reading, quizzes, exams, lab, and simulation experiences. Curriculum content varied between a public health course and a pediatric course. Data were collected at the beginning and end of the fall semester of 2019. Results: Seventy-seven students completed both pre and post-assessment questionnaires. After education, students' ability to identity pediatric immunizations increased for several vaccines. Students were more likely to seek evidence-based sources of vaccination information. Students' knowledge of correct biohazard waste disposal and confidence in their ability to administer vaccinations also increased. Additionally, several gaps were identified regarding specific guidelines for vaccination storage, preparation, and administration. Discussion: The data from this study showed several gains and gaps in student knowledge. Student nurses in this study were similar in immunization knowledge and performance to student nurses in current vaccination knowledge literature. Nursing Applications: Nursing faculty can implement immunization education into current curriculum by assessing student knowledge, repeating exposure to immunization content in multiple courses, and utilizing simulation for students to practice challenging immunization conversations. Conclusion: The understanding gained in this study could facilitate positive changes in nursing faculty members' ability to provide exceptional education and produce knowledgeable, confident, and prepared nurses to address vaccination concerns.



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