The purpose of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of bridging performance gaps in the program stream between BYU Broadcasting's post production and master control environments by implementing a technical infrastructure that supports a file-based workflow. The system that was evaluated was an Apple Xsan running specialized software, called FORK. Performance gaps were identified and a technical evaluation of the system was conducted. Figuring out how the change initiative would affect and be affected by non-technical factors, such as human nature and social and cultural concerns, was integral to the evaluation process. The evaluation concluded that the System was technically capable of supporting the ideal workflow; however a number of organizational interventions would need to be put in place in order for the change initiative to have success. The recommendations were (a) consolidating all operations employees under a Chief Operations Officer, (b)consolidating all engineering functions under a Manager of Engineering, (c) tasking the Chief Operations Officer and Manager of Engineering with encouraging participant support and organizational responsibility, (d)temporarily localizing the system's implementation, and (e) crafting an official media management policy. Included in the stakeholder report was an implementation design for the system. It was beyond the scope of this evaluation to measure for post-implementation improvement. Completing such an evaluation would require a significant amount of time; however, it is recommended that it be conducted subsequently and separately from this project.



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David O. McKay School of Education; Instructional Psychology and Technology



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Evaluation, Performance, Improvement, Broadcasting, Workflow