The following compounds have been prepared and purified and the boiling points, densities, refractive indicies and infrared spectra of each have been determined and recorded: n-butyraldazine, isobutyraldazine, methylethyl ketazine, 1,2-di-n-butylhydrazine, 1,2-diisobutylhydrazine, 1,2-di-sec.-butylhydrazine, 1,1'-azobutane, 1,1'-azoisobutane and 2,2'-azobutane. Vapor pressure curves and freezing points of 1,1'-azobutane, 1,1'-azoisobutane and 2,2'-azobutane have been determined and recorded. The kinetics of thermal decomposition of 1,1'-azobutane, 1,1'-azoisobutane, and 2,2'-azobutane in a flow system using hydrogen and helium as a carrier gases have been investigated. The investigation was carried out for two different concentrations of the azo compounds over a pressure range of 670 to 890 mm. Hg and a temperature range of 260° to 380° C. The decomposition reactions were found to be first order in all cases. The appropriate first order rate expressions have been determined and recorded for the decompositions. The concentrations of the azo compounds were in the range of one to six mole per cent. The first order rate constant for the decomposition of the three azo compounds at a concentration of 1.1 mole per cent in helium are as follows: 1,1'-Azobutane: k = 1.3 x 1017 x e-51,600/RT 1,1'-Azoisobutane: k = 1.6 x 1016 x e-46,200/RT 2,2'-Azobutane: k = 1.8 x 1017 x e-48,200/RT The reaction rate constants, the energies of activation based on a collision theory and the entropies and enthalpies of activation based on the absolute reaction rate theory have been determined and recorded for the three azo compounds. The products of decomposition have been investigated using gas chromatography. The results of these investigations have shown that the decomposition process is complex. Several reactions have been postulated to explain the presence of these decomposition products.



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Butane, Azo compounds