The objectives of this research were to 1) compile a synthesis of information about polyester polymer concrete (PPC) from the literature; 2) conduct a scanning tour to observe PPC construction, inspect in-service PPC overlays, and discuss topics related to PPC; 3) revise the existing Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) PPC specification; 4) document a PPC field demonstration project; and 5) perform laboratory characterization of the material properties of field-mixed PPC. The scope of the research included a scanning tour, field testing, and laboratory experimentation. The objectives of the scanning tour included observation of a PPC overlay placement, inspection of existing overlays, and discussion of selected topics related to PPC. The scanning tour comprised a 3-day visit to California. Items related to material properties, mixture and overlay design, laboratory testing, and construction and field testing were investigated. Several recommendations relevant to Utah bridge deck preservation practice were developed based on the findings and then incorporated into a revised UDOT PPC specification. The objective of the field testing was to evaluate specific aspects of construction, quality assurance, and performance of PPC overlays on concrete bridge decks. The scope of the project included testing of a PPC test section overlay and three PPC bridge deck overlays during and after construction. Hardness tests were performed on the test section placements, and hardness, skid resistance, impact-echo, impedance, and resin content determination tests were performed on each of the bridge deck overlays. The field testing yielded valuable information about PPC overlays. Recommendations regarding hardness testing, skid resistance testing, patching, and surface preparation were developed based on the findings. The objectives of the laboratory experimentation were to characterize several material properties of field-mixed PPC sampled from actual bridge deck overlay placements in Utah and compare them to properties of laboratory-mixed PPC reported in the literature. Laboratory testing was conducted on a typical PPC mixture. Properties that were measured include density, modulus of elasticity, coefficient of thermal expansion, hardness, unconfined compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, rapid chloride permeability, and resin content. Measured properties were consistent with typical ranges cited in the literature.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering



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concrete bridge deck, overlay, polyester polymer concrete, quality assurance, scanning tour