The writer undertook a preliminary investigation of the taxonomy and geographic distribution of a group of neuropterous insects, the Chrysopidae, in Utah. The main purposes of the investigation were to find what species and forms of these beneficial insects occur in Utah, to provide means for their identification, and to report upon their geographical distribution. Two main methods of investigation were employed. The first, a bibliographic method, was to carefully review the literature concerning the Chrysopidae of the United States for all references pertaining to their distribution and their taxonomy. The second method of investigation was to study insect specimens of Utah Chrysopidae in order to check the findings of former investigators and to add to our knowledge of this group of insects if at all possible. Fortunately, the writer was privileged to study a large number of specimens in the insect collections of Brigham Young University, the University of Utah, the Utah State Agricultural College and Dixie College in addition to his own personal collection. Keys and other taxonomic aids for the identification of the species which have been recorded in the literature as from Utah as well as the species which are recorded as a result of this investigation are provided. The report on geographical distribution is limited in this preliminary investigation to collection records. As a part of this preliminary investigation, the following material is included: (1) a list of species which have been described from surrounding states which may possibly occur in Utah; (2) a history of the study of this group of insects in Utah; (3) a section on the external morphology of the Chrysopidae; (4) a section with information on collecting, preserving, and rearing of these insects and recording of data; and (5) a glossary. It is hoped this supplementary material will aid in the utilization of the report on taxonomy and distribution and will provide a foundation of basic information for future studies of this group of insects.



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