Many companies rely on successful product development as a means to increase their revenues and expand their operations. Market pull, the most common form of product development, begins with a specific customer, and focuses on how to satisfy that customer's needs. Technology push is a product development process where a technology is first discovered, then embodied in products that may be marketed to specific customers. Technology push presents several obstacles not encountered in market pull processes, such as a lack of a defined market, lack of established processes and difficulty in execution. These complications keep technology push from being more widely used. However, when successful, technology push also presents opportunity for rapid innovation, the discovery of disruptive technologies, and the ability to produce several products from a single R&D effort. The existing literature for accomplishing technology push product development is presented at a high level. The research for this thesis provides a step-by-step method for generating and evaluating concepts in the technology push product development process. The model for accomplishing these steps was generated by taking the existing Technology Application Selection (TAS) process and supplying the necessary detail to allow product developers to complete the necessary steps. It also explains in detail several of the steps outlined in existing technology push processes. In order to lend credence to the process presented in this thesis, a number of experiments were conducted, with the participants being asked to evaluate the process steps. Their feedback was used to ensure that the process met the predetermined success criteria for the product development process.



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Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology; Mechanical Engineering



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product development, technology push