This document is a multiple-article format dissertation that discusses the iterative design, development, and evaluation processes necessary to create high quality learning analytics dashboard systems. With the growth of online and blended learning environments, the amount of data that researchers and practitioners collect from learning experiences has also grown. The field of learning analytics is concerned with using this data to improve teaching and learning. Many learning analytics systems focus on instructors or administrators, but these tools fail to involve students in the data-driven decision-making process. Providing feedback to students and involving students in this decision-making process can increase intrinsic motivation and help students succeed in online and blended environments. To support online and blended teaching and learning, the focus of this document is student-facing learning analytics dashboards. The first article in this dissertation is a literature review on student-facing learning analytics reporting systems. This includes any system that tracks learning analytics data and reports it directly to students. The second article in this dissertation is a design and development research article that used a practice-centered approach to iteratively design and develop a real-time student-facing dashboard. The third article in this dissertation is a design-based research article focused on improving student use of learning analytics dashboard tools.



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David O. McKay School of Education; Instructional Psychology and Technology



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feedback, charts, graphs, data processing, educational technology, courseware