The Golden Throne Quadrangle is located within Capitol Reef National Park, south-central Utah. Geologic mapping of this 1:24,000 scale 7.5 minute quadrangle began in 2003 as the National Parks Service desired to have geologic maps at this scale produced within the park. Stratigraphically, ten bedrock formations and ten Quaternary deposits are exposed within the Golden Throne Quadrangle. Geologic formations range in age from Permian to Jurassic. This map contains details not included on previous geologic maps including; the members of the Carmel, Chinle, and Moenkopi Formations. Additionally, the Page Sandstone is herein mapped as an independent unit. Structurally the Golden Throne Quadrangle encompasses most of the southern quarter of the Miners Mountain uplift. The crest of this southwest verging uplift is cut by the left-lateral strike-slip Teasdale Fault zone. Preparation of a cross-section through the axis of the uplift within the quadrangle has not permitted the use of usual faulting and folding mechanisms (i.e. fault-bend folds and fault-propagation folds) for the creation of the uplift. Two structural models can account for the geometries observed in the field. The first model is a high angle reverse basement fault; the second model is a fold over an inverted basin. The Jurassic Page Sandstone, in the Golden Throne Quadrangle, is composed of the Harris Wash and Thousand Pockets Members, which are divided by the Judd Hollow Tongue, a member of the overlying Carmel Formation It represents an erg deposit and is primarily composed of eolian sandstone. Study of the formation within the Golden Throne Quadrangle helped in the understanding of its local characteristics. Previous research has helped to develop a regional stratigraphic framework for the Page Sandstone. This study cannot be easily incorporated into the regional framework of previous studies. In order to fully understand the sedimentology of the Page Sandstone additional research will need to be accomplished.



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Geologic map, Golden Throne, Capitol Reef, National Park, Miners Mountain, Utah



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