The author designs a traveling professional development opportunity, Pre-Exhibition Workshop, for the Springville Museum of Art (SMA) Educational Outreach Program. All Utah high school art teachers and their students are invited to attend one of twenty-five presentations throughout the state's school districts. This thesis examines the challenges and benefits of including students in the process of preparing their own entries for the 2014 42nd Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show. The curriculum for the workshop follows a new lesson plan model of including enduring understandings and essential questions as outlined by the 2014 National Core Art Standards. The question driving this research project is: Will the schools that participate in a pre-exhibition workshop be better prepared to submit quality entries into the 2014 42nd Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show and be more likely to schedule a field trip to experience the exhibition? To develop the SMA Pre-Exhibition Workshop, the researcher applies a case study methodology that includes some aspects of action research including planning, acting, reviewing, and revising. The collected data measures the effectiveness of this workshop by analyzing observation notes collected during the workshop, reviewing surveys completed by participating teachers, and comparing the SMA 2014 42nd Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show entry data with the data collected from the attendees of the SMA Pre-Exhibition Workshop. It was concluded that most schools participating stated that the workshop did benefit their students by helping them prepare to submit their own art entries. Of the students attending the workshop, none were disqualified from the 2014 42nd Annual Utah All-State High School Art Show due to rule infringements, and several of the participating schools went on a field trip to view the exhibition. In conclusion, the author recommends that the SMA Pre-Exhibition Workshop continue and suggests ways of improving the program's promotions, presentation, and data collection.



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Pre-Exhibition Workshop, National Visual Art Standards, Springville Museum of Art



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