Accumulation of Divine Service is a ceramic installation referencing the sublime attribute of service, and how it relates to our temporal existence. Many aspects of the sublime are implemented into the contemporary art world today. The sublime can refer to ideas from terror to joy, and all across the spectrum of human emotions. The unifying element that seems to tie them together is a quality of awe-inspiring greatness, or the metaphysically divine. These attributescan inspire the mind and often lead one to dwell on the existence of a Supreme Being or Deity,what His purposes are, and how we as mortals work with or for that purpose.This installation encompasses some of my thoughts on the divinity that I believe dwells within all mankind. I do this by incorporating into the installation two repeated elements, the finial and the mug. The finial is an architectural element that is implemented at the apex of most religious meetinghouses. It is used for this purpose because it points toward the heavens and lifts the mind upward toward God. The mug, on the other hand, is one of the most humble and universal ceramic service vessels. It is used around the world as a drinking container whose sole purpose is service, or to give life-sustaining nourishment to mankind. The combination of these two visual elements seeks to encompass my personal art practice, my research, and the element of the sublime that we all possess.



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Fine Arts and Communications; Visual Arts



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sublime, installation, accumulation, divine, service, finial, mug, multiples, cosmos, universe, order, ornament



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