This thesis is about a small Mormon community, Coalville, Utah, during the time period 1859 to 1914. Coalville is located in the northeastern section of the state of Utah in Summit County on Interstate 80.
Although Coalville remained small in population, it is worthwhile to study its origins, the people who built its institutions, its social life and economy and how it developed from a mere camping spot on the road between Salt Lake to Wyoming into a stable community. Coalville's development was significant to the growth and culture of Utah.
The founders experienced the usual pioneer struggles to conquer the wilderness and were rewarded by seeing their children established in substantial homes and enjoying the benefits of church activity, a good school system, and a way to provide the necessities of life for their families.
From information found in primary sources such as early pioneer journals, newspaper reports, oral interviews, family records, U. S. Census reports for 1870 and 1900, and reports from the U. S. Geological Survey, and by use of secondary sources in books and articles, it was possible to connect the lives of Coalville residents with the development of early coal mines in Utah, the coming of the railroad, the political situation between Mormons and gentiles in Summit County, and the institution of various enterprises to help the growth of the economy. Limiting factors to extended growth were the lack of sufficient arable land and natural resources upon which to base industrial development. Agriculture became the main base of the economy. Those who could not find remunerative work on farms or in town-serving enterprises after the decline of the mining industry necessarily moved away. The research showed that the first decades of the twentieth century were profitable to the agriculturists of Coalville when abundant markets became available prior to World War I. Coalville residents participated in the general prosperity then abounding for other farmers in the nation.



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